Are you confused with interview questions like Tell about your self, what is your biggest weakness etc...

These are very common and important interview questions that you have to answer in an intelligent way.

To be frank, there is NO fixed answers to these questions.

But there are some important factors that you should avoid while answering these tricky questions which I am trying to explain in this article. Also I am giving a hint like how to attend these questions.
You can apply the hint considering the specific interview like company, type of job applied, your experience etc...

Let us move to questions then......

1) Tell Me about Yourself?

You SHOULD NOT Answer like this :  My Name is..... I am basically from...etc...

CORRECT WAY of Answering: Answer this question highlighting you are qualified like" I am 2 years experienced in ... domain with knowledge of latest technology.."
Tip: Always highlight the part what the employer seeking for.

2) What is your weakness?

You SHOULD NOT Answer like this :  I don't have any weakness/ I don't know, etc..

CORRECT WAY of Answering: Answer this question like " I am a perfectionist/ would put more effort when I realise its my responsibility etc.."
Tip: Try to showcase your weakness as a plus point.

3) Why should we hire You?

You SHOULD NOT Answer like this :  Because I am the best candidate/ I am qualified.

CORRECT WAY of Answering: Answer this question like " I have the required experience in your domain with proven track record/ I am hardworking with a positive attitude towards the subject/ I am a quick learner and very much interested in this field ( Freshers can tell this)
Tip: Answer in the best way considering your experience / fresher.

4) Why did you quit your earlier job?

You SHOULD NOT Answer like this  :  My old company was bad/ My boss was not realistic in targets/ High pressure/ Low salary
CORRECT WAY of Answering: Answer this question like " for better job & market exposure/ for better job training/ career growth"
Tip: Never complaint about the previous company/ staff/ boss.

5) Any questions to us?

You SHOULD NOT Answer like this :  Ohh.. No.. No questions. Can I go.
CORRECT WAY of Answering: Answer this question like " Can I know my exact roles specific to this company if selected/ Will there be any guided training as per job requirements/ if selected, within how many days I should join"
Tip: Make interviewers aware that " you are very serious about this job and you really need it".

Some other common things you should note while speaking in interview are

1) Better avoid terms like " basically". Many people tell that Basically I am from...
2) Be specific and be point to point in your answer.
3) Need not tell again what you have given in resume like your name, degree etc..
4) Highlight your work experience and tell more about that in such a way that " how it will be beneficial to your new company and that particular job"

All the best for your next interview.

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Enjoy your job hunt... And get placed at right space.. All the best wishes